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Interventional Pain Management

Pain can be difficult to diagnose as there may be several causes related to it. Several factors can play a part to it like accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Pain management is a way of treatment in which certified personnel recommends the right technique needed for the type of pain an individual may be having. Interventional Pain Management is a method in which utilizing pain blocking techniques and to help make the daily tasks easy and less painful. Acute and chronic pain can turn one’s world upside down. Activities and tasks that may be once enjoyable now may be difficult to perform and enjoy. Sometimes you cannot even spend quality time with your friends and family members due to this problem. Severe long term pain can bring down the quality of life and make everyday a real struggle. The techniques and methods used by the interventional pain management improves the quality of life for the patients.

Techniques and methods

The techniques and methods those are involved are, surgery, electrostimulation, nerve blocks or even implantable drugs. If you are in search of a treatment to treat this problem for you then it is the right time to find an intervention pain management doctor who can help to treat you. There are different types of treatments to cure based on your specific conditions and symptoms. Some of the most commonly used techniques are:

The signals for the pain travels right down to the brain. These nerve blocks are used to interrupt these signals in order to provide some relief from the pain. The type of nerve block used for a specific patient depends on the treatment plan. Some types of these nerve blocks are minimal and only may last for hours or even days. On the other hand, there are some nerve blocks which are permanent or long term and requires surgical procedures.

Infusions is the delivery of the pain relief drugs into the body. These are most of the time for the long term use. Epidural infusions are done in the spinal cord and the infusions that are done in the brain are the Intrathecal infusions.

Some of the most common type of injections are epidural steroid injections to trigger joint injections. Each of these injections target different parts of the body and help in pain relief. Injections include a numbing agent and a steroid when they are injected into the patient’s body.  

This type of treatment is used to treat the pain of the lower back and the neck, especially when the pain is caused by the arthritis. This specific type of technique uses the radio wave to produce the electric current, which is then used to heat a specific area of the affected tissue. This method decreases the signals of the pain from that specific area.

This method is used to treat chronic pain by applying current to the areas which are affected. Electrical lead is inserted into the body close to the spinal column, along with that a tiny generator is also inserted into the abdomen or the buttocks. The generator which is inserted into the buttock or the abdomen sends the signals to the spinal column which ultimately blocks the ability of the brain to perceive pain in the affected parts of the body.

This method of treatment is related to the spinal cord stimulation. The electrical leads are placed closed to the source of the pain.

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