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Employer Tips

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You’ve run your practice for years and you know how to hire people, right? We thought we did too, but. it’s a rapidly-changing world. Generational differences in expectations can make or break the match. If you are interviewing anyone who has practiced for just a few years after completing their education, there’s a very good chance they are within the millennial talent pool. Technology comes naturally to this group, and a practice without integrated systems may seem undesirable. Other frequently-found characteristics of millennials may be an interest in contributing to society, showcasing leadership potential, and an increased importance on work/life balance.

Here are a few things you can do to attract talent:

  • Ensure your website is inviting and informative and your social media is up-to-date. Speaking of technology, discuss what you have available for the candidate to use, and ask for their input too. They may have experience from a previous employer that will benefit you, and the candidate will appreciate being asked for input.
  • Help candidates understand how they can fit in your organization by giving a personalized tour of their potential workspace. Meeting other staff members and getting a “vibe” for office culture can help the candidate see themselves in their new position.
  • Be familiar with what similar companies in your area offer for comparable positions. A little market research, and an in-depth conversation with your All Care Consultants recruiter, can help you set realistic and achievable goals to fill your open position. Clarify the position requirements, expectations, and company benefits before meeting your candidates.

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