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Preparing to Interview

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This may not be your first job search, but it will be the first time you have interviewed for this position. Your CV is flawless, you’re confident and experienced! But don’t forget to:

  • Do your research. Pore over the employing company’s website and social media accounts. Get familiar with the structure, services, and culture of the organization.
  • Have an in-depth talk with your All Care Consultants recruiter to discuss what sets you apart from other candidates, define your goals, and set realistic expectations. Your recruiter may also coach you on the potential employer’s likes and dislikes and areas for improvement in your presentation skills.
  • Dress to impress! As a healthcare professional, you are expected to be an authority figure who commands respect. Conservative, freshly pressed, and well-fitting attire is a must.
  • Arrive stress-free. Leave yourself plenty of time, map out unfamiliar locations in advance, and even plan an advance run when practical. Always arrive slightly before the appointed interview time.

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